About Our Neighborhood

Harbor Drive occupies a small island, separated from the mainland by a boat canal that flows from Anchor Bay at both ends. It contains 88 residential addresses and is one mile long. The street is located off of Jefferson Avenue between Cotton and Sugarbush Road. To enter the neighborhood you must turn from Jefferson onto Mann Street near the Land & Lake Realty sign and proceed over the one-and-a-half car bridge, which is the only way on or off the island.

About Our Unique Road

In 2007, the residents decided to have the entire street paved with brick pavers. Harbor Drive has received statewide recognition for this decision, as the pavers offer increased longevity over standard asphalt and add a unique sense of sophistication and historical beauty to the community.

About The Lake Frontage

The water depth of Lake St. Clair in front of each property varies, depending on the time of year and the ever-changing water levels of the great lakes. Recently, however, the usual water depth has increased substantially to around four feet directly in front of the residences and seven to eight feet 100 yards off shore. The water temperature during the mid-summer months also varies, but averages a refreshing 75 °F.

During the warm summer months, residents of Harbor Drive can enjoy many of the activities and leisures often associated with lakefront living. These include swimming, fishing, paddle-boarding, and much more. Those who enjoy boating will find that Harbor Drive has some unique advantages. Most of the properties offer private access to the street’s canal system, which makes both using and storing your watercraft relatively easy. The island is also in close proximity to several marinas, making refueling and resupplying as well as off-season storage and maintenance very convenient.

For sport fishermen, Anchor Bay is well-known for its population of several species of game fish. The most popular among them being Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Muskies.

The fun is not just limited to summer, however. During the winter months, residents can also enjoy easy access to ice fishing, snowmobiling, ice boating, and ice skating on Anchor Bay.